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Making Your First TV Guesting Successful

By: Don Harold | Mar 21, 2013 One ordinary morning, you turn on your TV and a popular talk show is on. As you watch the hosts converse with the guests for that day, you begin to think how a TV guesting can be an appropriate self-published book advertisement platform. And it is, if you were to consider how many authors have launched successful book marketing promotions through appearances on television.

Problems students face in dissertation writing

By: Custom Dissertation Writing | Feb 19, 2013 For even the most prolific of students, dissertation writing is not a trouble-free process. Everyone has their share of problems, some that are more general and others specific to the individual. Whatever the case, it is important for student to understand that they will eventually get past them, provided they seek the right kind of assistance at the right time. Seeking advice will first help iden

Importance Of Volunteers During White House Christmas

By: jenniferpickens | Dec 12, 2012 Ever since 1973, our White House has sent community calls to action seeking volunteer assistance to handle minor tasks or major planning projects. If you find yourself qualified to assist, writing the First Lady or even Chief of Staff would render your answer.


By: Stanley | May 26, 2012 To present the award winning Essay you need to get a book called “Essay 101 – The Solution to all Nigerian and International Essay Contest”


By: Stanley | May 26, 2012 Take it or leave it, there are secrets strategies of writing Essay Competition in Nigeria! Or to put it in another phrase, behind every success story is a secret. Just as every star has a secret, so is there a writing secret behind every award winning essay. The more secret you can access, the more results you will command.

Tips on how to write essay Contest

By: Stanley | May 4, 2012 Essay contest winning ideas always works but it is important for you to know whether those ideas are useful or a crap. This is why, after becoming an award winner and performing an extensive research work I compiled six secrets for winning essay contest; have a look on those secrets:

Six Tips on How to start a Book?

By: Racks Jackson | Apr 23, 2012 Avid readers are faced with the problem of selecting the right topic to write upon. The most important thing while writing is the passion about it. What is the favorite topic of the writer? Cooking, Traveling, Football or whatever. Pick a topic which interests deeply. If someone wishes to write fiction, select a theme, choose the characters from real life and build them into unique situations. Thi

How to sell books with a book contest

By: Sandra Beckwith | Apr 10, 2012 Learn how to use book contests to sell more books.

How to Begin a Book? : Some basic Tips

By: Racks Jackson | Apr 8, 2012 Writing a book is something like cooking a good meal or playing a soccer match. Yes, indeed it is like that. This analogy has been drawn to make the process of writing a book look easier. Here are the steps that one can follow before beginning to write a book.
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