K-12 Education

Basic Principles of Modern Daycare Programs

By: Jean Christophe | Apr 22, 2013 The threefold mission of modern daycare organizations is to support the complete health, safety and wellbeing of children. Their childcare programs are based on the principles such as each child is special, children learn through play, child development is an integrated process and so on.

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills in Younger Learners

By: Michael Hendsbee | Apr 17, 2013 Critical thinking involves asking questions about the world around us, challenging thoughts, explaining our thinking, and responding to others' opinions with questions and insightful comments.

Today's Importance of English Learning

By: Nancy John | Mar 25, 2013 In this age of globalization, the need for a common language for communication between different nations emerged as nations having different languages and different cultures. Even in a other country, there are so many different languages and learning, the choice of a common language is needed, and when the world recognized English as the common language of communication and a source of exchange of

English Learning Strategies

By: Nancy John | Mar 25, 2013 You have studied English for a few years now, and for some reason you still can not speak or understand the language well. Let it be understood that there is no magic pill, it is not easy to train the system there. Of course, there are many online courses and a range of learning software available in English, but you can not achieve mastery of these solutions alone. Learning a second language requ

Create Your Own Future By Getting Quality Education

By: Bhaskar Kumar | Mar 22, 2013 Education has always been an important factor behind the progress and development of the society so every state or country tries to provide best education system to the young learning generation for a bright future of the society.

Top Kids School in Gurgaon

By: Akhilesh | Feb 26, 2013 GEMS Modern Academy is a world-class school that stands firmly on its values and ethics. Each student in the academy is treated as a fixed asset of society and thus given education to withstand global and local scenario. The institute believes in aiding its disciples to discover their potential on their own, thus motivating them to be an active participant in all the situations of life. The aim is

Children Prosper Well in Nursery Schools Calabasas, Los Angeles

By: Andrew Joseph | Feb 23, 2013 The most important aspect of any good Calabasas Nursery School is its curriculum. Any good nursery school should have a curriculum that encourages all-round development of the child. This means that there should be a considerable focus on different aspects which can be as varied as spirituality and physical fitness.

Main Components of High Quality Daycare Programs

By: Jean Christophe | Feb 21, 2013 High quality child care programs are important for the growth and development of infants and toddlers. This is why such programs in leading daycare centers in Coquitlam are designed by considering four major components including staff, learning environment, health & safety and parent involvement.

Why online Math tutoring is more fun with interactive Whiteboard?

By: Maya | Feb 20, 2013 Online tutoring use interactive whiteboard, technically advanced solution to make learning more easy and interactive. Interactive whiteboard has become most demanding tool for lots of educational sectors employing user friendly operation and superb performance. The user also gets instructional manual to leverage its features to maximum. Here are the few reasons that make Online Math class more fun

How to Help Students to Succeed in Math?

By: James Miller | Feb 18, 2013 The myth prevails that intelligence and aptitude for Math is inherited, however, it is not true. According to research, the most successful children in Math are those who work hard and not those with high IQ’s.
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