K-12 Education

How to Help Students to Succeed in Math?

By: VIkas | Feb 18, 2013 The myth prevails that intelligence and aptitude for Math is inherited, however, it is not true. According to research, the most successful children in Math are those who work hard and not those with high IQ’s.

How Student identify Geometrical Concepts at various grade levels?

By: Mary Page | Feb 16, 2013 Math Geometry is the wealth of various disciplines like engineering, physics, design, architecture and lot more. Geometry being one of the important branches of Math is not as tough as Algebra, trigonometry or Calculus, however, it keeps students on their toes when questions are tricky. Parents should take measures especially on how the Math Geometry is taught right from elementary level.

Todays Kids Show Future Days

By: Dipika Pushkar | Feb 16, 2013 No one is seen walking on the roads without any intention or purpose on minds, because, today the world is somewhat like this only. A child after he is born, his parents start thinking about his schooling and best schools where he can trained as skilled person.

Indian Schools Enlightening the Future

By: Dipika Pushkar | Feb 12, 2013 A bright career and a better future and a luxurious life, these are all demand of everyone. So, by the time of getting admitted in such schools, children and parents seem like, now all of their dreams are going to be fulfilled.

Well Known IB Schools in Mumbai

By: Paul lee | Feb 8, 2013 School is the second home for students where they get love, care and warm as equal to home. School is the place where children get nutrition while education offers enough fuel to grow them in a proper direction. In India, there are different types of schools such as public school, international school and international school. International Baccalaureate is a widely recognized educational board. I

Give Your Child the Right Education

By: manasa | Feb 8, 2013 Education these days has become a very common affair, with more and more schools coming up in cities and towns.

Know how to proceed systematically with the boarding school application procedure

By: morkalshane | Feb 4, 2013 The benefit of collecting boarding school application form physically is that you can use the opportunity to visit the school and check it out yourself. Many reputed schools arrange multi-media presentations of the school during this time.

Ghaziabad Schools Teach the Hard Study

By: Dipika Pushkar | Jan 7, 2013 Being 1st highest populated city in India, Uttar Pradesh is flourishing with an appreciable achievement. The society is flourishing and the children are also simultaneously making records of scores in examination, by the end of the year.

Best International School With Holistic Education System

By: Dipika Pushkar | Dec 12, 2012 The Oakridge International School is also located in the state that provides best quality education and a world class school amenity to the students. The location of the school is NH 5 Road, Behind HP Petrol Pump, Maharajpeta Junction, Beemunipatnam Mandal, Tagarapuvalasa, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

International School: With A Vision To Provide World Class Education

By: Dipika Pushkar | Dec 11, 2012 Many people from all round the country do relocate to this part of India in search of better job opportunities and proficient educational institutions. The Nurture International School has a firm belief in providing each and every student equal and just opportunities to help them grow to their utmost potential.
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