The List of Languages Spoken in India

By: Aini Malik | May 29, 2014 India is a large populated area with variety of food, religion and culture. Similarly, different variety of languages is spoken in India. There is estimation that there are more than hundred languages, which are spoken in Asian sub-continent.

Effective Tips For Avoiding Mix-up When Learning Multiple Languages

By: Aini Malik | Feb 25, 2014 When it comes to language learning it is done out of various reasons, some wish to improve their skills set, while others want to learn a new language to communicate with the natives of the language. Therefore, pertaining to language learning, almost every interest persuades a person towards learning.

Tips for Effective Urdu Reading for a Learner

By: Aini Malik | Feb 22, 2014 Without any doubt Urdu is one of the increasingly becoming popular languages of the world. Its literature, the linguistic history, the region it is spoken in and all other elements associated with it have increased its importance in the world and the number of people trying to learn Urdu all over the globe

Effective Tactics For Learning Urdu As A Second Language

By: Aini Malik | Jan 4, 2014 Urdu is one of the renowned languages of subcontinent. Due to the region, it is spoken in and because of the profoundness in its literature people all over the world is want to learn the language so that they are able to understand its literature and converse with people belonging to this part of the globe.

Reasons You Should Take A TEFL Course

By: ankush katiyar | Sep 5, 2013 Choosing to take extra courses when you are no longer enrolled in any type of school or degree program is something that many adults choose to do simply to better themselves.

Teaching Jobs All across The World Are Waiting For You

By: ankush katiyar | Sep 3, 2013 Being an English teacher in a foreign country is a well-paid and rewarding career. Once you take TEFL courses Bournemouth, you will be able to choose what area of the world you want to teach in.

Learning a Language with a Mobile Phone App

By: Michael Brown | Aug 22, 2013 Learning a language can be a challenge but I have found that a good language learning mobile phone app can actually overcome many of the difficulties and in fact offer an improved learning experience.

How To Identify A Superior TEFL Course

By: ankush katiyar | Aug 16, 2013 Begin by looking for providers who are leaders in the industry. While there are a plethora of options for a TEFL course in Plymouth, only a select few rank high enough to be considered leaders.

Essential Guidelines That Will Help Strengthen Your Child’s Second Language

By: Allison Borland | Aug 14, 2013 Experts suggest that learning a second language will help children, aged four years below, to perform better at school. During early years, children are curious and want to take their imaginations to go further. This is also due to the brain connectors being well-trained during baby brain development phase.

Apply Abroad to Study Foreign Languages – What Should You Take Into Account?

By: Candy Mayers | Jul 31, 2013 If you want to completely immerse yourself in a new language or in a new culture, the best way to do this is to apply abroad to study the language where it is being spoken as a mother tongue.
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