Tips For Preparing To Take A TEFL Course

By: ankush katiyar | Jul 15, 2013 Your exciting decision to take a TEFL course Sheffield has the potential of providing you with many benefits upon your successful completion of all assignments.

How To Become Certified To Teach English In Eastern Europe

By: ankush katiyar | Jul 4, 2013 The changes in Eastern Europe in the past few decades have made the demand for English teachers throughout the former Soviet republic and neighboring countries remain consistently high. Eastern European countries have become as much a part of our modern civilisation as any other Western European country now.

Creativity in Business Can Take your Business to the Next Level

By: tamalancaster | May 29, 2013 Creativity in business is necessary for the business to grow and for employees to achieve their full potential, reveal studies.

An Analysis on How to Study English

By: Candy Mayers | May 15, 2013 English has grabbed the position as the universal language. It would not be an exaggerated statement if you say that English is an inevitable part in order to get what you call office job or high positions in the society.

How to Perfect Your English Pronunciation

By: Mike Walker | May 14, 2013 English language is a lingua franca in the world today. Without it, it is impossible to use technology, find a job in a global market, travel to distant countries, or simply browse the Internet. How to choose the best resources for learning to attain proficiency level in English pronunciation

Where to find good teachers in Asia

By: Christopher Thure | May 10, 2013 Finding good teachers in Asia could be a difficult task, but with proper sourcing and screening you can get very good teachers.

How to identify and recruit language teachers

By: Christopher Thure | May 10, 2013 Identifying and recruiting language teachers might pose as a challenge especially in non native countries, but if done well you may get very qualified teachers.

How to recruit English teachers

By: Christopher Thure | May 10, 2013 Recruiting English teachers should be a pretty easy task if you prepare well in advance. Get all your questionnaires ready before the interview day.

Focus on language planning and policies will help standardize national education

By: William Black | May 9, 2013 Has language planning been an area of interest for scholars? Has the politics of language ever interested the learned personalities of the present world? The answers to both these questions is a NO if one considers the period since the sad demise of Anton M. Moeliono and Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana – noted language experts of their time from Indonesia.

Security Training- Importance of Time

By: shanayaarticle | May 6, 2013 We all know why the Security Training is important. When a person is learning with the skills of security and first aid, he will be able to make help other persons. In this era we never know what happened next.
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