Importance of good communication skills in business

By: gitakumari | Apr 2, 2013 Do you doubt on the importance of possessing good communication skills in your business? Or you think being an employer you don’t need them much. Think again! Communication plays a vital role in every aspect of your business. So being able to communicate well can boost your overall performance.

How to Teach English in Colombia

By: Jackie Luna | Mar 26, 2013 If you have considered teaching English in a foreign country, you should consider doing so in Latin America. Specifically, you should look into teaching in Colombia.

English Language Schools: Providing Quality Education to the Masses

By: Knick Stewart | Mar 25, 2013 Most of us know that Switzerland is a wonderful place for leisure travel, but Switzerland is also famous for the top quality educational institutes. Students around the world crave to study in Switzerland for graduate and post-graduate courses.

My best tips on learning Thai and learning a new language

By: Farang Williams | Mar 21, 2013 From my experience, they are the very best ways to learn Thai, and also the best methods to learn any language for that matter. Having fun will be the most significant part in learning a language quickly, so you'll need to find a method to make that language enjoyable for you personally. Creating buddies who speak the language you want to learn is always a good idea, and finding a romantic relati

Public speaking: How to captivate your audience?

By: gitakumari | Mar 15, 2013 A good or influential public speaker not just speaks but he performs on stage. The aim of public speaking is to leave your audience charmed by your perform ace, whether this is on a big dais in front of hundreds or thousands of people, in a small room or anywhere. Preparation is the key to which every public speaker swears on. Once you’ve learned how to prepare you notes, conquered your fear of

The Importance Of An Accredited TEFL Program

By: Robert Had | Mar 14, 2013 Just as you would take great care in selecting a university course, you should take the time up front to research the various programs that offer certification in teaching English as a foreign langauge.

Modern Day Tips to Improve and Memorize New Words Quickly

By: Nate Rodney | Mar 13, 2013 Is English your second language? Are you looking for the best methods to improve your language skills the easiest possible way? We outline the best methods in the modern age to improve your vocabulary. It is important to choose the method that suits you the best to improve your vocabulary. We’ve compiled a list of methods to help you along.

What Are The Requirements For TEFL Accreditation?

By: Robert Had | Mar 12, 2013 In order to maintain your accreditation, your courses and work will most-likely have to be evaluated periodically to assess whether your courses continue to meet the requirements set forth by the accrediting body.

Different Types of TEFL Jobs

By: ankush katiyar | Mar 4, 2013 Once you have completed a course in TEFL and have your certificate, the next step will be finding a job. There are so many different companies that hire teachers to teach English as a foreign language.

Commercial industrial workplace safety courses.

By: weboum | Mar 1, 2013 Industrial plants, warehouses, factories, and construction sites millions of jobs worldwide. From entry-level warehouse workers management teams and business leaders, and millions of people to report jobs that involve some element of risk or danger. If everyone in the workplace are properly trained and know how to deal with all the equipment and chemicals, then an accident can be kept to a minimum
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