Important Tips for Body Language in Public Speaking and Presentations

By: Piyush Bhatia | Feb 4, 2013 Body language is the communication of the individuals with each other or a group in relation to their mannerisms and behaviour is defined as body language.

How to write a Formal or Informal Letter

By: Piyush Bhatia | Jan 29, 2013 Learning letter writing is very essential for the professional development of an individual. Drafting a letter is a very basic and equally essential aspect of communication formally or informally.

How to draft or write a Professional Email

By: Piyush Bhatia | Jan 29, 2013 Drafting a powerful email is a very essential art. Drafting a powerful email helps to grab the audience’s attention. Powerful emails generally prove to be a great negotiating tool. A powerfully drafted email notifies the action to be taken by the individual who has addressed the mail and hence there is clear conversation between the parties and an expectation of an enthusiastic reply can be expe

Tips to Develop Confidence in English Fluency

By: Piyush Bhatia | Jan 29, 2013 Building self confidence is a process for which an individual needs to expose himself to the environment and take effective measures to improve his/her confidence.

Various Techniques to Learn Chinese Language

By: effortless-chinese | Jan 15, 2013 It is a renowned fact that understanding a language is the best way to learn it. Learning a new language becomes of the essence whenever an individual relocates to a new location. Nowadays, more and more people are migrating to different countries for various reasons such as marriage, study, permanent residing, purchasing property, etc

Translate Foreign Languages with help of Online Translator

By: Roger Smiths | Jan 14, 2013 Translation from one language to another and may be particularly useful addition if you are on the page to get advice on talking to a stranger.

Learn How To Speak Chinese Efficiently, Easily and Effectively

By: effortless-chinese | Jan 7, 2013 We as human beings understand the importance of interaction. That is why we are gifted with the most blissful feature, words. The power of words surpasses every great action or deed.

The Best Way to Improve Chinese

By: effortless-chinese | Dec 19, 2012 It is not acceptable that Chinese language is uncomplicated and easy to speak. There are infinite tricks and technique through which a person will be capable in speaking Chinese. If you do regular practice then surely you can quickly understand the how to speak this specific language

Learn the Secrets How to Speak Chinese with Help of Experts

By: effortless-chinese | Dec 17, 2012 Chinese is becoming a renowned language in the business world. Chinese is a popular language that has been widely spoken in different parts of the world. As China is growing into a strong global economy; statistics show that many countries are now interested in doing business with China

Rely Upon a Steadfast Company and Learn Chinese in a Swift Manner

By: effortless-chinese | Dec 17, 2012 Nobody can deny a fact that Chinese is considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, there are unlimited tools and tips through which an individual can become proficient in speaking this language. This specific language is spoken in so many countries.
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