Man’s Greatest Misfortune is that They don’t Know They are Happy

By: Code Blue | Dec 21, 2011 There is a rich man, he is very wealthy. Anything that can be used to buy, he has bought to enjoy. However, he is not happy. He is very confused. One day, he had a whim of putting all valuables, jewelry, gold, jewelry of the home into a big bag and began to travel. He decided to give someone who can tell him the way to happiness. He looked for and asked everywhere. Until to a small village, one vi

The Importance of First Education from Mother

By: Code Blue | Dec 9, 2011 The earliest education human receives often comes from family, from the education of mother. To study the influence of mothers on the whole life, a famous psychologist in America sent letters selected 50 successful public figures who obtain the great achievement in their professions and 50 criminals to talk about the impact of their mothers’ education. There were two replies impress him most. On

We Should Learn to Start Again

By: Code Blue | Dec 8, 2011 I like to see celebrity biography when I was a child, once I saw the experience of Edison in his lifetime, I cannot forget it.

Learn to be happy with whatever you have and be the most successful person in the world

By: isaiah hankel | Nov 24, 2011 You can be happy to some extent if you try to keep yourself satisfied and find out how to be happier in life from within. Many people make themselves believe that they don’t deserve happiness and accept their unhappy state of life as their destiny. The truth is that happiness is to be created and nurtured by you.

You can be happy always only if you learn to be happy about the smallest things in your life

By: isaiah hankel | Nov 24, 2011 Dr. Isaiah Hankel is focused on motivating individuals to forget about their preconceived desires for happiness and power and to start generating extraordinary levels of enjoyment and influence in their lives.

Youth Has No Limit If You Adhere to

By: Code Blue | Nov 17, 2011 Young, we are still young. Whenever we come across setbacks, our parents like to use such words to comfort us. But in the journey of young, few people are smooth, and I constantly fall and getting up in the way. It seems the fate intends to make jokes on me.

Eight Immortal Messages From a River

By: Paulose | Nov 4, 2011 Civilizations were born on the banks of rivers. Great cities were developed by the flow their waters. They enlightened the inner souls of great sages and poets who illuminated the earth with their eternal knowledge and writings. The flowing rivers are still teaching us great lessons.

People In Evolution

By: Chris Mansela | Jul 8, 2011 The following are some of the most influential people in developing the theory of evolution. Aristotle - One of the earliest philosophers, he created the idea calle "The Great Chain of Being." This was the theory that every species could be placed in order from highest to lowest and that no species can change positions. He did not believe in evolution, only that the earth will always be the same. S

What You Are Working for Decides Your Working Attitude

By: Emma111 | Jun 30, 2011 An indigenous tribe in Africa welcomed the tourists from USA. Although the tribal people had no market concept, they also could not let this opportunity go.

Learn to Smile and Encourage Others in Life

By: Emma111 | Jun 25, 2011 A little girl went out to play as usual, but when she came back, she took a paper bag with her. Her parents were confused and asked her what were in the bag. The little girl answered that it was one hundred thousand dollars. The parents did not believe and then they open the bags. To their surprise, there were really one hundred thousand dollars in the bags.
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