What Words Will People Believe in

By: Code Blue | Jun 23, 2011 A father and his son went hurriedly to reach a small town so that they could live in hotels instead of in the wild. They came across a street vendor, and the vendor said: “Do you decide to go to the Spring Town? Do not choose this route, for the middle of the road is swamp.” The father nodded head with smile and asked his son to go on walking. The son was panic to seize his father: “It is s

Life Is a Series of Loss and Gain

By: Code Blue | Jun 23, 2011 There was a wealthy Arab who lost all his money in a big business and even fell in heavy debt. Without other ways, he had to sell out all his houses, cars and collections to pay off debt.

The True Meaning of Life Is to Bear

By: Code Blue | Jun 18, 2011 Life is a kind of endurance and people need to learn to support: support the career, support families, and even support from the community. And people have to bear as much as they need to support. In a sense, the essence of life is to bear.

Pull Up Your Socks For First Aid Training

By: Jessica Thomson | Apr 25, 2011 First aid training is defined as a process to equip an individual with the knowledge of providing timely care and help to a victim suffering from either injuries or illness. This enables a non- doctor to provide services that a doctor would offer in case of emergency or services that are being offered to the victim in case the expert is available at a distance and the patient needs a stable treatm

Why Does God Allow Human Suffering?

By: Stephen Russell-Lacy | Apr 23, 2011 Many people sense that there is a deeper aspect of reality. A spiritual force behind the universe. To my mind this divine level of what is real is pure love and the source of all that explains the meaning of life. It is wisely working away in our hearts and minds minimising human suffering.
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