Public Speaking

What Margaret Thatcher Can Teach You About Communication

By: Interact Authentically | Aug 8, 2013 It cannot be denied that one of the most significant leaders of the 20th century was Margaret Thatcher. She was the only female British leader to hold UK's highest political office, prime minister.

Reduce Speaker Anxiety to Improve Your Communication Skills

By: interactauthentically | Aug 7, 2013 Even though delivering a public address poses no physical threats, our instinctive fight or flight drive kicks in just before we hit the stage in an attempt to protect us from an imaginary men

Radio Marketing Strategies: Tips on Preparing for Your First Author Interview

By: Don Harold | Feb 25, 2013 Advertising always entails some strategizing. Whether you are opting for a simple book marketing campaign or aiming for a more ambitious one, you need to have a strategy on hand to ensure the best results. The same holds true when it comes to radio marketing advertising.

Four easy tips to write on dissertation research paper

By: Preeti Roy | Oct 25, 2012 Thesis writing is the common task for the all research students as well as for master or PhD level students also. Thesis is also the vital research paper that is must require during your academic life.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fears: 7 Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before and During Your Speech

By: Delva Rebin | May 24, 2012 For most presenters, the biggest challenge is overcoming public speaking fears. The fear of public speaking can be so strong that you might be looking for the nearest closet where you can hide! Calming nerves is essential to speaking success, so here are some tips to put you back in control.

Public Speaking Techniques for Enthusiastic Presentations: Use Energy to Capture Your Audience's Attention

By: Delva Rebin | May 23, 2012 If you want to be a great presenter, you will have to display some enthusiasm. We're not talking about the kind of enthusiasm people display when they're on game shows – hooting, shrieking, high-fiving, and even leaping up and flinging themselves at the host. When we are talking about enthusiasm in presentations and speeches, our interpretation is somewhat tame by comparison. The techniques, however, are a remarkably powerful public speaking tool.

School Career Days, changing the lives of the next generation.

By: Jon-Paul Brett | May 23, 2012 Career days for schools, aimed at the right level, can help define the future of our children. With time a precious commodity in the school system, competing with exams, revision, lessons, sport and play, career days are often pushed to the back. They shouldn’t be.

Tips for Giving Effective Presentations

By: Ella Jader | May 11, 2012 The following are the commonly recognized main elements or tips involved in preparing and delivering an effective presentation.

The Skill of Persuasive Speaking

By: Donald Hanson | Apr 27, 2012 Facts about using persuasive speaking in order to accomplish change.

2 Steps To Stay On Track

By: eko porwanto | Apr 18, 2012 Are your goals ready? Are you all geared up to acquire happening on them? Have you established certain ways to support your goals? What will ensure to you essentially stay on your desired path? It is undemanding to acquire sour path. It is undemanding to acquire all wrapped in stuff in everyday life. You know could you repeat that? I mean? I know, I suffer been sour track with my goals. When you
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