Public Speaking

Best man speech etiquette

By: lewis bestman | Apr 18, 2012 The best man speech is one of the most memorable parts of every wedding ceremony. A well-prepared, enjoyable, and sober speech will be remembered for a long time. The speech should mirror the groom’s personality and describes in short what kind of person he is. A great Best man speech is one that makes the bride and the groom feel special and honoured.

Be ready: Running with a Professional Speaker

By: johnbirk007 | Apr 17, 2012 The duty for choosing the speakers who will make a gathering or conference a valuable and dynamic experience is a problem faced steadily all the way through the industry neighborhood.

Magnificent Translation Capabilities Converted To A Positive Revenue Stream

By: Rachelle Santos | Apr 16, 2012 Translation is not a common field. In fact, it possesses a huge possibility to become a big vertical.

Choose the best College for Your Future Career

By: Sean Wyland | Apr 1, 2012 Choosing one of the best colleges is usually one of the largest, most life-changing decisions you are going to ever make in your lifetime.

Hire a good German Translator Sydney

By: David Rainey | Mar 29, 2012 If you are relocating from Australia to Germany or from Germany to Australia, you'll need to translate your documents from English to German or from German to English language. This translation should be correct and accurate.

Storytelling in Public Speaking Is a Vital Part of Your Presentation

By: Nancy Daniels | Mar 28, 2012 When you give a speech or presentation, do you include stories or anecdotes in your material? If not, you should. Anecdotes and stories are not only interesting for your audience but they also lend credibility to you as a speaker; and, one of your goals as a speaker is to establish this reliability

Why You Cannot Find Your Real Voice with a Book or CD

By: Nancy Daniels | Mar 28, 2012 Do you think Michael Jordon became a great basketball player by reading a book on the subject? How about Lionel Messi? Do you think he became one of the world's greatest soccer players by listening to a pile of CDs?

What Many Novice Speakers Forget to Do in Public Speaking

By: Nancy Daniels | Mar 28, 2012 The one thing that many new speakers don't think about and never have enough of is something that has a negative impact on their delivery skills. It is actually very simple, basic, and a necessity.

Eight Tips For Effective Communication

By: Nyamache | Mar 26, 2012 Daily we do communicate with people around us. Effective communication is a must for any enterprise. Discover eight tips of how to effectively communicate.

Discover the Best Means of Increasing Your Volume If You Are Soft-Spoken

By: Nancy Daniels | Mar 20, 2012 If you are soft-spoken, there is a right way and a wrong way to increase your volume. Just speaking' louder' is not the answer. In fact, the difficulty for those who speak softly is that when they do try to increase their volume, they think that they are shouting.
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