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The List of Languages Spoken in India

By: Aini Malik | May 29, 2014 India is a large populated area with variety of food, religion and culture. Similarly, different variety of languages is spoken in India. There is estimation that there are more than hundred languages, which are spoken in Asian sub-continent.

Booming Multimedia Arts Careers in the Philippines

By: Janet Miranda | May 20, 2014 With commercialization becoming a worldwide trend, the Philippines is not left behind in joining the multimedia rush. Nowadays, many companies in the country pay employees who are knowledgeable in the use of various media platforms.

Mentally Challenged Schools: Educating Students to Stay Positive and Energetic

By: Janvi Ahuja | May 8, 2014 Mentally challenged schools focus on making children strong. They instill confidence by conducting different types of training programs.

How to Locate the Best Colleges for Graphic Design

By: Janet Miranda | Apr 24, 2014 Smart people are picking a profession projected to have high demands in the coming years. Graphic designing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing careers today. Besides real big earnings, the industry offers tremendous opportunities in the advertising, media, and web industries.

4 Things Filipinos Should Know about Animation Schools

By: Janet Miranda | Mar 31, 2014 Getting into animation courses and schools in the Philippines is a common choice for the artistic, the geeks, and for some who find joy in illustrating stories. No wonder it’s a fascinating field as much as it is clouded by myths.

Four Tips for CLAT aspirants

By: Jemma Barsby | Mar 25, 2014 With only a month left for the CLAT 2014, preparations are at its peak now. This is the time when law aspirants rigorously go through all the modules and notes. The last minute preparation takes the stress out of students and they are finally left with tension.

Best Ways To Deal With Time In An Aptitude Test

By: Ankita Goel | Mar 24, 2014 These tips should be adequate to allow you do successful time management in tests like an aptitude test. Nevertheless, each personality is blessed with diverse persona which can be banked upon to attain good results and finish your test on time. You can learn and apply your own strategies to do time management and became visible with flying colors.

School for Blind Children: Equal Opportunities and Better Chances

By: Janvi Ahuja | Mar 12, 2014 Blind children are no different from other children. The physical inability shall not be taken as an excuse to judge their ability. We cannot afford to make such an ill-decision after all the development and progress made as a human race.

Positive Effects of Music On A Child's Learning Abilties

By: Jessie Teh | Mar 7, 2014 A study conducted in 1993 revealed that students who listened to Mozart’s Sonata in D major immediately before testing showed an improvement in tests of abstract spatial reasoning and intelligence. The Mozart Effect became popular after this study was published. An entire line of products for young children was developed for the sole purpose of increasing a child’s intelligence by listening to

Choosing Toys for Autistic Children

By: Janvi Ahuja | Mar 6, 2014 Toys delight all children irrespective of their age and nature, and autistic children are no different. Kids learn and pickup something from everything around them, and they spend a significant time playing. Thus, the choice of play things that you make for your child has a considerable effect on him.
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