Multi-verse as part of the neo-post metamodernist inflation theory!

By: Samantha Kirk | May 16, 2012 Not as string theory but multi-verse as part of the neo-post metamodernist inflation theory

Forensic Science Training: Guide to Choosing a Forensic Science School and Program

By: Forensic Science Edu. | May 15, 2012 A Masters’ degree in Forensic Science requires the completion of a two-year program at an accredited Forensic Science School. Graduate level forensic science training is for the continuing professional development for those who want to become practicing forensic scientists. When choosing a forensic science school, a heavy emphasis should be put on training and research and the availability of st

GSCE Maths is an extremely important subject

By: Henry Careey | May 15, 2012 If you are studying for GCSE Maths then you may find it a lot more difficult than you anticipated to understand everything that is required in order to obtain a pass.

Importance of Timely Maintenance and Repair for Your Laboratory Equipment

By: Jeremy Linder | May 7, 2012 To accurately perform diagnostic tests, you need a variety of laboratory equipment. Browse the Internet to find a reliable supplier that offers branded laboratory equipment and service contracts.

Improve your numerical skills and take a course in Mathematics Grade 10

By: Henry Careey | May 7, 2012 Find it a struggle coping with simple sums on a daily basis, feel foolish trying to calculate a bill in a restaurant or hate food shopping when you are trying to juggle a budget?

Different Types of Laboratory Microscopes and Their Uses

By: Jeremy Linder | May 7, 2012 Laboratory microscopes are required in medical, hospital or scientific institutions. Highly contagious diseases are identified by the accurate diagnosis using high quality laboratory microscopes.

Science teaching resources

By: Vivien Rolfe | May 3, 2012 Every student dreams to have their Study Resource with them, provides medical science degree, biology courses, open education, biomedical degree, forensic scientist course Resources for students and teachers.

Microscope - For The Tiny World

By: peterjames | May 3, 2012 Microscopes UK are types of microscopes that are manufactured solely in the United Kingdom and are much more affordable than those which are made outside.

Fluorescence Microscopes - The New Trend

By: peterjames | Apr 30, 2012 A Microscope can transport a person to the world of the tiny and microscopic in order to understand their ways and means better.

The Benefits of Pursuing Nursing Courses in Australia

By: George K Abraham | Apr 24, 2012 Australia is a warm and welcoming country for students to live and study. Nursing schools in Australia offer students a wide and comprehensive portfolio of different study courses, and work-and-study opportunities which are not available anywhere else in the world.
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