School and Culture

By: ANTHONY BILLS | May 6, 2011 The author states that in Canada and the United States, the organizational structures and of contemporary secondary schools is in the form of a small society made up of the entire school together with its stakeholders who include the community at large

Sociology Research Paper

By: Charles Miller | Mar 4, 2011 In your years of undergraduate study, you should expect to do at least a research paper. You instructor will in most cases choose what your research topic shall be, but this is not the case at post-graduate level.

Europeans is spilt up into numerous countries having full political and economic freedom

By: madugundu krishna | Dec 28, 2010 The United Kingdom consists of great Briton and north Ireland. It has all along been a maritime nation. It has preferred to live by fishing, Shipping and overseas trade. It has added to his advantages one more machine activities of drilling oil from at newly discovered of shore oilfields. The countries are highly advanced both in agriculture and industry.

Disaster in the Soviet Union The Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown

By: Cameron Martel 1 | May 1, 2008 In the Western region of the former Soviet Union, at that time the only Superpower in the world other than the United States, disaster struck the sleepy Ukraine town of Pripyat. On April 26, 1986, in the cold early morning hours,

Let's Get One Thing Straight About Being A Published Author

By: G.Entp6 | Mar 18, 2008 If you can clearly understand a specific problem, want, need or desire of a large enough target audience and then create a publication that helps them get what they want, you stand to make a lot of money and help a great number of people at the same time.

The Free Energy World Of Tomorrow

By: Ozzie Freedom | Mar 15, 2008 When you reflect upon the past Ages of man from prehistoric to today you have to ponder what truthfully is this Age that we live in today? The Space Age fizzled. Noone went particularly far into space but at least we got Star Trek out of it! But what is this current age?. I think most people would concur thatthat we would find broad agreement if we just admitted that we are living in the Hydrocarbon Fuel Age. Oil is in everything everywhere…well, petroleum is. And Earth’s finances and its wars are based on its source of energy, so is its pollution, its pharma nightmares (the pills are made from petroleum!). I could continue but I feel that my point is pretty obvious. What about we turn the page and see what is coming up next?

African Descendant Culture in Brazil - Equality and Freedom?

By: AD Monografia | Dec 12, 2007 We can say that, sadly, discrimination follows the human kind since ancient societies and it has developed with the modern cultures in the most different forms, being a present question in this global world where we live. So, this article tries to explain cultural, social and economical treatment dedicated to afro-descendants in Brazil, a country known as an equal and free land.

Talk about unrealistic expectations! - Barbie in the feministic discussion

By: Sebastyne | Mar 6, 2006 Ever since Barbie was first produced, she has raised eyebrows with her looks and her attitude. To put it shortly, she is way too skinny, too long legged, too big breasted and utterly too happy. Her being blonde and blue eyed hasn’t been a very popular thing either.
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