By: Maxw | Oct 22, 2007 A barometer is a device for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Weather Instruments: The 3 Tools You Need

By: Kent Wood | Aug 18, 2007 Are you interested in the weather? If so, why rely on what other people have to say? Instead, you should look into buying some of the many weather tools that are available on the market today. Even if you are an amateur, there is much that you can gain knowledge of if you have the right tools, and also take the time to learn more about weather.

Ten Rules to Guarantee a Good College Choice

By: Daniel Kane | Jul 25, 2007 It really isn't hard to choose the right college. Just follow these ten rules.

Where are Gutenberg’s Bibles?

By: Brett Nga | Nov 22, 2006 The Gutenberg Bible is by far the most famous piece of printed material in the world. In 1455, German printer Johann Gutenberg began printing these Bibles on a hand made printing press using movable type. Also known as 42 line Bibles, these historic manuscripts mark an important time in history where publications could be mass produced instead of painfully hand copied.
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