Distance Vs Regular Mba Education

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For those seeking MBA admissions after doing their graduation, there is no end to confusion and doubts till some admission is sought. The confusions could pertain to a number of things, like the choice of the institute for seeking the admission, the choice of the stream of specialisation, the choice between the foreign or the home MBA and a number of others. One of the choices which many prospective MBA candidates have to make pertains to taking up a regular course or a distance education one.

As a systematic study of the business administration, the MBA education is about doing all the activities practically and to get an interactive interface with the others, be it the class, the teachers or even the industry. It is about gaining the knowledge and the insight into how the businesses function smoothly. Therefore, the right course of study is obviously to take the admission in some regular MBA institute so that you can get to know the workings, get to interact with others and develop your personality and skills by doing activities or sharing the experiences. For this reason, the regular MBA education is desirable and preferable to the distance education. But, this does not meant that the distance MBA education is redundant and does not help in any way.

The regular MBA education is expensive and out of reach of a majority of people who aspire to do MBA but refrain from doing so due to their financial limitations. For them, the only way to fulfil their dreams is by way of taking MBA admissions in the distance education format. This medium gives them the hope and the opportunity to improve their career prospects.

In a way, it gives them a level playground to be with the best and compete for excellence in their respective fields. Another major reason for the people to opt for the distance education is to carry on their studies along with their works. They simply cannot afford to lose their jobs and then be a part of the regular course stream. Another reason for the importance of the distance education is that there is a cut throat competition for gaining admissions in the regular institutes, especially the one which are at the top level. For these major reasons, the distance education MBA is important and is sought by a large number of people as well.

It is a matter of practical reality that distance education does not carry much weight with the industry and there could be problems for the students for getting jobs unless they are able to do something exceptional to prove their worth. The MBA education via the distance education medium is still sought to be made more meaningful by incorporating modern methods of learning like video tutorials, holding some problem-solving classes in different centres of different cities, by organizing industry interactions by way of visits and even by way of holding seminars and by a number of other means to give it a more practical footing.
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Distance Vs Regular Mba Education

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This article was published on 2011/01/18