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The city of Calcutta (renamed to Kolkata in 2001) is no longer indentified by its destitution or the inspiring work of Mother Teresa – it has a rich cultural heritage which is waiting to be experienced.  As the demand for Kolkata's human resources increased in domestic and international markets, the city has ensured that it delivers the best professional education to its citizens. Business management studies have been one area where Kolkata has shown its true mettle!

A recent study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) showed that Kolkata creates 4.19% of all jobs in India. This analysis by ASSOCHAM also revealed that besides the National Capital Region (NCR), Kolkata has also emerged as one of the most prominent employment destinations in the country.

Falling back in time

Early days of education in Kolkata saw lessons being taught through vernacular languages – Bangla or Sanskrit. As British Imperialists started taking fancy on the city, the concept of western education was brought forward with a view to accelerate their cumulative interests. Though the concept of modern education in the city was welcomed with specific apprehensions, but situations significantly changed through constructive works done by brilliant scholars and reformists like Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Present day education in Kolkata

Educational scenario in the city has greatly changed with time. Learning has become much systematic and career-oriented. With new initiatives from the government, education opportunities in Kolkata are increasing rapidly. Management courses in Kolkata have become the most sought after post graduate courses for students all over the country.

Why should you pursue an MBA in Kolkata?

Here are some popular arguments which establish the increase of education opportunities in Kolkata:

  • Professionally oriented management programs offered by the MBA colleges in Kolkata are designed to train students to become well versed and gradually accelerate in their respective fields.
  • Management colleges in the city have developed an excellent Follow-up and Feedback system that ensures close monitoring of academic progress of every student.
  • The MBA colleges have also developed "Industry Readiness Programs" to help in improving communication skills and corporate ethics.
  • Most of the faculty members in these institutes are from IIMs and IITs or happen to be experienced corporate professionals.

Talking about management schools in Kolkata, the Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship & Development (iLEAD) has developed a reputation of producing some of the most competent professionals in the country. To check the unique teaching methodology and be a part of technology-supported group of learners, come to iLEAD!

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Education Opportunities in Kolkata Simplified

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This article was published on 2010/10/02