Educational Advisors Wear More Hats in the 21st Century

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Going to College

Handling the applications to various colleges, private schools and boarding schools is the main cloud of educational advising. Even before the student’s senior year in high school, educational advisors can already build the blocks towards the college that will best fit the child’s interests. Part of their duty is to find the most appropriate course based on the student’s strengths and preferences. This decision is crucial because it will dictate his future career and longevity in the chosen profession. Upon knowing his specific needs, Educational Advisors will line up different schools and discuss the pros and cons of each. They also highlight important policies and procedures while giving effective solutions to reduce tuition costs.

Educational advisors also offer useful tips on writing college essays that will stand out and ways to pass entrance examinations. Extra-curricular activities will also be recommended while they prepare the student mentally and physically for his application interviews. With years of expertise in the school system, consultants must be confident enough to steer the child towards the right path while eliminating all the worries and hassles burdened by the parents.

Challenged Learners

A group of specialized educational advisors focuses on tending to the needs of students who are either coping with learning disabilities or experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. Special children like those with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome need to be placed in a specific learning environment where they feel accepted and encouraged to succeed. educational advisors have a key role in researching for an effective individualized education program by assessing the competence of teachers and the facilities offered by the school. Alternative means of education like a structured home-schooling plan are also proposed by education consultants if necessary.

There are also cases where students deal with personal crisis manifested in their aggressive or troubled behavior. Some of these kids become attached to drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships. educational advisors are then sought out to intervene with the child’s destructive behavior by putting them in a positive setting such as summer camps, therapeutic placements, treatment centers, and clinical programs.

International Students

Educational advisors have also established a name for external clients outside the U.S. Due to the event of globalization, more foreign youths and professionals are aiming to widen their credentials by applying to schools abroad. Going into another country is not easy especially with all the requirements needed, different academic standards and the student’s culture adaptability. With the help of educational advisors, international students get a more or less accurate picture of what they can expect from the school. It is the task of the consultants to present scholarship grants while equipping the child with the skills to adjust well in the new environment.

These various types of students seek professional counsel in order to make the right decisions in their educational direction. Their diverse backgrounds offer bigger challenges for today’s advisors and as the school system and undergraduates face newer and harder issues, the trend of the industry would have to adapt to the changing times with updated techniques and theoretical approaches for survival.

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Educational Advisors Wear More Hats in the 21st Century

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Educational Advisors Wear More Hats in the 21st Century

This article was published on 2011/08/24