Facon Education Fair Understand the Changing Pattern of Education

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There was a time when just getting the right kind of education was enough to ensure a financially secure future, but now the times have changed, and they are indeed strange! The entire format has been reversed now, with courses being designed around jobs and professions and trade fairs like the Facon Education Fair coming up with new ideas and concepts to popularize these patterns among the takers.

There are certain, definite reasons that can be counted for this paradigm shift in educational systems worldwide. Among the ones that can be accounted for such a drastic change, the most important one would be the affects of globalization. It may be fair to add that the current system of imparting education is more based on the requirements of the employers. Customization has become an all encompassing trend, as the service providers are aiming to offer their optimum and reach the top of the ladder sooner than later.

Platforms like the Facon Education Fair ensure that the students and young professionals, who are just about to take their first step into a career of their choice get to know of the best and most interesting opportunities available. It’s not just this that makes these trade fairs so significant in the current context. It is a combination of a number of relevant factors like the incorporation of technological advancements in various industrial segments, which have resulted in a demand for technically proficient and well versed job seekers. Also highlighted during events like Facon Education Fair are the effects of the rising demographic pressures.

Post recession it has become all the more important for the multinationals to create a congenial work environment for the freshers as well as for the experienced professionals. These important issues are given considerable coverage during career and education fairs, where both the employers and interested candidates get an opportunity to traverse into each others interest areas and reach a situation where a synergistic co-existence can be agreed upon for the benefit of both the parties.

This apart, trade fairs like Facon Education Fair 2011 also focuses on aspects like matching the job profile with organization profile, which goes a long way in fulfilling the long term strategic objectives of a commercial establishment. This has also become necessary from the perspective of the prospective candidates and job seekers as they attach a lot of significance to it. Job satisfaction, in fact, also depends on whether profiles are compatible or not.

There is a well known adage in the language of HRM or Human Resource Management – ‘It is very important for an organization to find the right person for the right job at the right time and at the right place.’ Deciding on a right hire is quite a complex process and exhibitions like Facon Education Fair Miri aims at simplifying this procedure by removing the uncertainty factor and helping employers in finding the best fit from among the students and young professionals.

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Facon Education Fair Understand the Changing Pattern of Education

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Facon Education Fair Understand the Changing Pattern of Education

This article was published on 2011/12/15