Sherlock Holmes: The Master of Riddles

By: Justin Zablocki | Nov 12, 2013 Sherlock Holmes is a great symbol of intelligence and deduction. He is a great and logical character who has inspired the inner Sherlock in many people through his riddle solving abilities.

How Important is the Work of a Fiction Editor

By: Edwordbella | Jul 15, 2013 A fiction editor plays a very important part in the process of publication of a book. The editor helps you enhance the quality of the written manuscript and make your book stand out in a market flooded with books.

How to Beat “IFS” in Writing Fiction Books

By: Don Harold | Jul 15, 2013 There is so much to wonder about writing your book and so with writing fiction books. Just when an author is about to start jotting down his words; several what IFS start to show up.

Memoir: The Importance of Feeding Yourself

By: chloe zola | Apr 23, 2013 A brief description on what is a Memoir. This article gives you the thoughts that the author thinks it would serve us as people, serve the next generation, to clear memoir's stigma, open that door through writing our memory- make peace and make room for our potential.

How Important are Chapter Headings in a Novel?

By: Ruth Lunn | Sep 27, 2012 Some authors dispense with chapters altogether, but chapter headings can add ingenuity and creative flair to a novel.

Crime and Punishment Chapter 2 Summary

By: Ernie S | Aug 10, 2012 A summary of the second chapter of Crime and Punishment

My Angela Gheorghiu’s Voyage In To The “Marea Neagra”

By: Gianni Truvianni | May 20, 2012 A fictional story about Angela Gheorghiu and her lover.

Various Tips for Online Biography Writing

By: Ufiction | Mar 13, 2012 Online biography writing is very crucial for those people who want to share their work with others.

Costa Concordia and Mystery of Friday 13th

By: John Boas | Mar 13, 2012 At approximately 9:30 PM, Tuscany time, On Friday 13th January 2012, the $450 million luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia carrying more than 4200 passengers struck a rocky underwater reef tearing a massive 160-meter gash in the hull.

Writing your first novel with a novel software

By: Lisa Richie | Mar 9, 2012 Writing a first novel is always a big challenge. Suddenly you find that you don't know so much about how to structure a novel, or some such thing.But now novel software can fill in those gaps..
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