Sports Fiction Writing

By: Carlton Bennett | Mar 8, 2012 If you are trying to become a writer for sports fiction novels it can be both a fun and trying experience. Unlike most contemporary fiction writers, novels about sports cater to a very specific audience. Those likely to respond to your writing are already going to be familiar with the facts; therefore you must have a very strong story with relatable characters. This way, those reading your novel w

Write a Novel with Novel Software

By: Lisa Richie | Mar 7, 2012 Learning to craft good fiction has traditionally been a long process. But since the introduction of novel writing software beginners can now get a crash course of sorts with the best of these writers programs...

Elena Georgian’s Panties (Chapter II)

By: Gianni Truvianni | Jan 14, 2012 A fictional story of an encounter between myself and my friend, the young and upcoming Romanian soprano or soprano; (as this voice is called in Romania) Elena Georgian. Elena Georgian having that beauty about her as to make any character she plays come alive in all that are her sensuality and emotions.

Who Is the Thief and Where Is the Stolen Pearl

By: Code Blue | Nov 29, 2011 One afternoon, the private detective Samson went to visit the house of his friend Holman for his invitation. To his surprise, Holman was saying goodbye to the policemen in front of his house.

Singles Meet Washington DC Potions and Spells

By: Ann Kimberly | Sep 20, 2011 I just drank a potion from a witch that made me very attractive on the outside. I am now ready to talk to my crush.

Chetan Bhagat narrates modern India in Revolution 2020

By: Jayesh Purohit | Sep 19, 2011 Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition is the next novel by Chetan Bhagat. Revolution 2020 novel is expected to be launched in October 2011. The novel deals with three childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti. Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is set in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, where the three characters strive to find success and love. In their struggling journey, they found it hard to ach

The Love Washington DC Pig Story

By: Ann Kimberly | Sep 16, 2011 There was a wolf who had a dad and a pig who got his house blown all the way down to the ground.

My Pet Love Washington DC Turkey and Fish

By: Ann Kimberly | Sep 16, 2011 This is the story about my pet turkey and my pet fish who are both deceased on this day!

Has harry potter taken over women’s fiction

By: Jane Rosenthal | Sep 15, 2011 Women’s fiction is a broad term encompassing the huge range of literary works that are specifically marketed for the female readers. Many people are of the opinion that women’s fictions are written by women alone but that is not the case.

Angela Gheorghiu In The Deep Sea

By: Gianni Truvianni | Aug 24, 2011 A fictional story about making love to Angela Gheorghiu on a beach below a starry summer’s night.
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