Hints on writing good English essays

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It is a challenge for most students to write a good essay. If they are not good at writing techniques or suffer from too much work, they will be tired of their writings. Therefore, as a student, you need to invest much more time and try a lot if you really want to write good essays. How to achieve the goal of getting high scores for your writing? Let's take a look at the following important steps!

Choosing good topics

    It is essential for you to spend much time finding good subjects and studies before preparing to write an English essay. However, it must be born in mind that you must be appealed to or aware of topics you want to choose for your writing. You can also make use of some existing materials to help create subjects which are studied well and exclusive. One more thing, be sure that your selected subjects have to be of etiology and creativeness.

    Taking in your writing task thoroughly

    In case your topic is selected by your instructor, you had better read through and grasp well all key ideas illustrated in the topic. Next, it is necessary to highlight crucial content before searching appropriate resources related to your writing essay.
    Being original: The vital thing you should remember is to avoid copying content from other authors without giving it into quotation marks or citing original resources. If you try to plagiarize, your writings will be omitted or receive zero mark.

Drafting roughly

    If you are well aware of writing steps, you can not omit creating a rough outline for your essay after having all available resources. Then, it is time for you to make a rough draft.

Rough draft

   If you are an expert writer you will not miss this step. Once you have enough material for your essay next step is to write a rough draft. Make sure to restate content from resources and revise the fluency of grammars via reading your references aloud.

Studying samples

   If you are not well equipped with good writing techniques, you can follow and accumulate experiences from other writing samples by professional writers. There are many ways to find examples one of which is surfing the Internet.

Creating a detailed draft

    To prepare for your complete writing, you should find adequate resources and take note all main ideas. This step will aid you clarify your points, omit unnecessary content and choose best words for your essay.

Completing your essay

   Basing on enough resources, you can start finishing your writing.

Paying attention to Format and Presentation

    If you are want to get high scores for your essay, you had better to follow your instructor's rules in terms of format and presentation. Thus, you should clarify all of requirements and ask for more details.



     There are some typical types of essays including definition essays, comparison essays, argumentative essays, description essays, cause and effect essays, narrative essays, etc. You can find more tips and good samples of each kind via http://www.ezineseeker.com

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Hints on writing good English essays

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Hints on writing good English essays

This article was published on 2010/01/04