How to make Speech in Public Successfully?

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Many people think that public speaking is the obese of their life. They feel anxious and stressed when be called to stand up and speak in front of crow. The reason for that is lost promotions, low self esteem, and miscommunication.


How we can overcome this fear? Answering these following questions, you can find out useful tips to get any troubles in public speaking out of your mind.


1. Who are you talking to?


It is very important for a presenter to identify his or her audience.  Understanding audience as well as their background, interest help you know what you should say. For example, your audiences are accountants; you should be focused on figure and statistics. When you present in front of teenagers, latest fashion is what can help you attract audience's attention. To have a successful speech, it is undeniable that understanding audience is a crucial factor.


2. Where are you talking?


You should know the place where you will make presentation. Besides, it is necessary for you to come there early so that you can observe around and determine the best standing position on the stage. You need to make sure that during your presentation, your audience can see you clearly. In addition, by coming there early you can not only check both the sound system and audio-visual aids but prepare and compose yourself.


3. What do you want to say?


It means the content or the goal of your speech. When you deliver the speed aiming at educating and informing the audience, presenting correct and updated information are musts. Apart from well preparing and remembering the speech, you have to do research about what you intend to talk in your presentation.


4. How you make speech?


Only with a good language skill, you are impossible to guarantee your speech's success. The careful word choice and accurate pronunciation can make your presentation be high appreciated.


Furthermore, your speech will be more vivid with visual aids. Using handouts or technical presentations is a good idea for you to support your points.


However, to achieve the success in public speaking, you need to be influent in skills such as eyes contact, facial expressions, hand gestures and body language. To be smooth in the presentation, it is better that you practice in front of a mirror.


5. When is the best time to speak and stop?


To prevent audience from tiredness, you should create the melody for your speech by pausing and stopping between points. It is very important to understanding the length of your speech and your audience so that you can divide it into smaller parts. But you have to make sure that your transition is absolutely good.


6. Why should audience listen to you?


Find out the reason you were to selected to make speech in public can help you answer this question. Perhaps you have something that draws the concern of many people. It can be your knowledge or your experience, etc. Hence, try to prepare enough knowledge, confidence to satisfy your audience.


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How to make Speech in Public Successfully?

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This article was published on 2009/12/04