International studies

France, Germany & Canada: New overseas education destinations for Indians

By: Tehmina Sayyed | Nov 29, 2013 Amounts of articles, British assessments with powerful shortened forms like TOEFL and IELTS and limitless classes with bank supervisors.

How to apply for ISB YLP program 2013?

By: John Thomas | Jul 19, 2013 The Indian Business School (ISB) is a pioneer in propounding and cultivating innovation. It is also renowned for providing the perfect platform for aspiring leaders to get a first-hand grooming experience on real life management skills. Innovation, this time from ISB, has come in the form of YLP (Young Leaders Programme) that provides a splendid opportunity for ambitious undergraduates to lay the

GMAT syllabus: Know all its aspects

By: lovekesh | Jul 18, 2013 Jumping into the endless sea is of course an adventurous task but if you jump there with a purpose, you need to have the idea of something more.

Statistical Help For Dissertation?

By: Ron Fisher | Jul 9, 2013 Many with the PhD college students think in which their particular academic endeavors can be great should they can work with any statistical guide. Searching to get a statistical adviser on the beginning regarding an individual research will be necessary yet it is crucial to be able to acquire the particular ideal on the web statistical guide to your research dissertation.

Tips on Applying to Move on International School

By: Jazzy Jane Queyquep | May 27, 2013 Graduate international school provides a more specialized degree of training and enhanced, professional instruction in a particular field. The most critical decision in applying to graduate international school is not in selecting the institution but rather in identifying the most favorable area of study. Unfortunately, the decision-making process doesn’t end there. Other considerations such as

Safety of Workers at Sight - Confined Space Training

By: IISS Global | Apr 27, 2013 Confined space accidents are of particular concern to OSHA because they frequently involve multiple fatalities. A confined space in this context is distinct as any space that is enclosed and the person is exposed to dangerous matters or unsafe situations.

Importance of international university

By: Julia Bennet | Apr 6, 2013 There is without question an imperative importance that education of all kind provides to students. But an international university opens news gates and provides students new opportunities, such as scholarships and internships in some of the most developed and large cities in the world. Through the experience of education, a student has the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the chosen field, ski

MMSc program offers professional career to the students

By: LavindraKumar | Mar 29, 2013 During this course you will make more abilities to help you evaluate projects, tasks that are appropriate with the needs and limitations of individuals. If you are well known in this area, then you can improve your performance in the present company.

Get the Quality Education in International Universities

By: charlees devis | Mar 12, 2013 In the world today it is not about the quantity of what you know but it is the quality that matters. The demand for quality in terms of education has led to many students heading oversees to study.

The training to be a good IT professional!

By: willam sujit metta | Mar 6, 2013 The computer is considered to be the most important machines invented by the human being in the world. First it was used as calculator but soon it achieved tremendous importance with every generation it passes and brings out some more application for the betterment of the people.
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