International studies


By: nickleon | Mar 10, 2012 Mexico has difficult immigration policy as compared to other countries. If person wants to migrate Mexico then person should collect important information related to Mexico immigration law. In Mexico, there are three main types of visas such as FM visa, FM2 visa and FM3 visa.

Simplify GMAT Preparation with the Right Plan

By: lovekesh kumar | Mar 9, 2012 GMAT aspirants go though months of rigorous coaching and training before they appear for the exam. If you intend to take up GMAT in the next session, it is essential that you make a plan that will help you cover up every aspect of the course. GMAT preparation needs patience and regularity

Study in UK and Give Your Career a Boost

By: komalpateledu | Mar 7, 2012 A few decades back, the United States attracted the highest number of foreign students. However, at present, the US dominance is ebbing as Australia and the United Kingdom have started recruiting international students aggressively.

Top 5 Ideal Destinations for Studying Abroad

By: JENNIFER QUINN | Mar 11, 2010 Here are Top 5 ideal destinations for people who want to study abroad:
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