Learning disabilities

How Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens Save Lives

By: Carolin Newmeyer | Nov 14, 2011 Kids require the right upbringing when they are growing up.

Behavioral Instabilities that Require Residential Treatment

By: Carolin Newmeyer | Nov 9, 2011 A residential treatment facility is a special institution designed to cater to the needs of children suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Issues that Can Pile Up during the Teenage Years

By: Carolin Newmeyer | Nov 9, 2011 Self-esteem issues are rampant among teenagers.

Asperger Syndrome and Various Treatment Programs

By: Carolin Newmeyer | Nov 8, 2011 Have you ever noticed that your child may seem different from the other kids at times?

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Special Education Schools- Help your Child Leading Normal Life

By: Ebl coaching | Sep 20, 2011 Special education schools are specially developed for children who are suffering with some health disorders. Special education helps them to lead normal life so that they can be part of social network around them.

Specialist Education for Young People with Autism

By: Vincent Rogers | Sep 5, 2011 Children and young adults with autism have special requirements when it comes to education. Conventional state schools are often unable to effectively meet these, through no fault of their own. As such many students need to attend schools that are equipped to provide the environment and education that they need.

Communication Ideas for Working with Autistic Children

By: Vincent Rogers | Sep 5, 2011 One of the difficulties that many people face when teaching or even parenting autistic children is breaking down the communication barrier. Youngsters with autism often have difficulties effectively expressing themselves and can become frustrated, particularly if you're using conventional techniques that don't take their specific needs into account.
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