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Six-Step Process for Writing Anthropology and Genetic Engineering Essays

By: Jeffery Morgan | Mar 14, 2013 Without knowing the basic steps in writing essays, the actual writing efforts may be put to waste. Writing essays, be it genetic engineering essays which is very technical or writing anthropology essays which is more on facts follow some basic guidelines.

Maphead - Book Review

By: Roberto Sedycias | May 24, 2012 If you have always wanted to know the exact latitude and longitude of your location or of any location or just wanted to look at maps to figure out how to find your way to there (wherever that is) and back again, then you are a candidate for this book.

An Exceptional Review of "World on the Edge"

By: Ernie S | May 23, 2012 A brief review of the "World on the Edge", an environmental book discussing global warming.

Confidence is everything to us

By: admin | Mar 13, 2012 Nothing succeeds like confidence. When you are truly and justifiably confident, it radiates from you like sunlight, and attracts success to you like a magnet.

Square-one in the City of Golden Friendship

By: Zeke B rockefeller | Feb 7, 2012 Life sometimes go on circle and at some point we'll have to start over again. Going back to square won't hurt that much.

Require Helping to Learn a Language

By: jenkin sonul | Feb 4, 2012 If you have one or more persons who are employed to help you on a daily basis, those people will be accustomed to speaking with you.

The Unique Rose

By: Code Blue | Jan 15, 2012 The Unique Rose

The Apperception of Being Low and Who Knows the Bitterness of Cows

By: Code Blue | Jan 13, 2012 The Apperception of Being Low and Who Knows the Bitterness of Cows

To Grasp the Branch of Life

By: Code Blue | Jan 11, 2012 To Grasp the Branch of Life

What is a Happy Life

By: Code Blue | Jan 9, 2012 What is a Happy Life
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