Open University- Boons for Several Working Individuals 

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The Open University was born 40 years ago and with the passage of time it has grown up and has made itself evident as the pioneering institution offering distance learning to individuals efficiently. This distant learning is obtainable by anyone anywhere. However the university has focused more on those learners well known as the "Generation Crunch". These individuals have spent maximum money for the purpose of higher education till date but yet not have been capable of entering into a potential workforce as the result of the cutthroat competition and recession.

Today is indeed the era of cutthroat competition in every sphere of life including the employment market. On the other hand recession has made the job market more competitive and inflation has resulted in the sky scraping prices of goods including the basic necessities. As a result getting job has become hard yet vital to meet the basic requirements of family. The financial responsibility of family has forced several to join the workforce immediately after the high school. There may be several meritorious and aspirant candidates in this list as well. The work and family commitments become the barriers in the way of their education. But without having a higher degree it is almost impossible to survive or get promotion as well. In such complicated circumstances this Open University has helped individuals to breathe easy.

Distant education assists in minimizing the educational gap of rural and urban areas

The accessibility of distant education study programs has made sure that an individual may pursue education for earning a higher degree from any place or University. The fee of such study program under distance learning mode of education is much lesser as that compared to the traditional in-campus classroom courses. Hence this makes mode of distant learning offered by the Open University favorable learning alternative for financially incapable or deprived individuals who would or else not be capable to shell out money for their education.

This mode of distance learning has gained enormous popularity especially in the rural areas since distant learning in our country is assisting to safeguard the learning break between urban and rural areas. Individuals may acquire a distant study program under such university from any Indian state and even from any far-away station of the nation. As a result individuals from countryside areas need not to go through the expenditure of relocating themselves to cities in order to get higher education.

Who can be benefited with such distance education?

This distant learning mode of imparting education is indeed advantageous for working individuals, housewives, overage, and businessman. The working professionals can now acquire latest and innovative skills for career progression at the same time as enduring their present jobs.

The distant education mode of learning is mainly helpful in the framework of developing nations like our country where the campus of college or university is not capable of accommodating the huge number of crowds of learners and also where the financial plan for human resource improvement is essentially restricted.

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Open University- Boons for Several Working Individuals 

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Open University- Boons for Several Working Individuals 

This article was published on 2011/10/27