It Is His Battle,He Is Merely An Instrument

By: SUBRAT RATH | May 17, 2012 The warrior feels himself to be merely an instrument in the hands of the Lord.His life's battle is being fought by Him.The Lord is the greatest warrior.All the worries,anxieties,frustartions and tensions he is coming across belong to the Lord.The Lord takes all pain to see that the warrior wins the battle.If it is defeat he thinks that the Lord can reverse it.There is success in defeat.Thinking the battle of life as the Lord's battle the warrior always remains contented and happy.

Marriage Of Minds

By: SUBRAT RATH | Apr 3, 2012 The sky was clear and bright with beautiful sunshine.The mid day was full of intense activity,worries and anxieties.The battle was fierce and the warrior could find no other way than to fight.He felt an astounding experience in his mental institution.He felt the marriage of minds which removed all his worries,anxieties and griefs.Fighting well and finishing the day he felt contented and happy.

Make Your Girl Smile With Cartier Bracelets

By: 2Violet L. Dennis | Mar 31, 2012 I am really happy that I really got best girlfriend that really takes very good care of mine. No matter in which problem I come in, she always helps me without thinking her own work sometime. So I really think sometime, that if I am so that special for her then I should also show her my love and care for her. I really should gift such thing that by looking at it she really gets the cutest smile ev

The Holy Shrine

By: SUBRAT RATH | Mar 30, 2012 He sees a holy shrine in his life where all the sweet memories are buried.Visiting the shrine he gets immense pleasure.What he is today it is because of the shrine.The shrine makes him alive and afresh.The more time he spends inside the shrine more enlivened he becomes.He derives all the essence from the shrine and living in the present seeks the divine.He sees the shrine to be a manifestation of the divine and bows his head when it appears in his mind.The shrine dazzles and he shines.

Every day Use by Walker

By: Alice Ken | Mar 26, 2012 The short story “Everyday Use,” narrates the story of a strained and conflicting relationship between a mother and her two daughters. Superficially, the short story tells how the mother disregards the superficial values of her older daughter who is successful and embraces the practical values of her younger and less fortunate daughter. Looked at deeply, the author analyzes how the concept of h

Analysis of the poem Cross by Langston Hughes

By: Ken | Mar 22, 2012 In this poem, the author is bitter about being a mullato (mixed race). It is evident that that bitterness does not only emanate from being neither black nor white, but also from the contrasting living conditions his mother and father lived. The author does not have a self identity. Reconstructing this scene in realm of history, it is possible that the speaker was a slave who has a black mother and a white father.

It Is Being Done

By: SUBRAT RATH | Mar 13, 2012 What ever he thinks and plans are being done what he feels.That is why he works with a greater relaxation and all smiles.Automatically he becomes motivated and works according to the divine will.The universe takes care of all his positive vibartions and carries out all his orders.To his surprise each day brings him success and cheers.Fulfilling all his hopes and dreams he rests in peace.

He Posseses Everything

By: SUBRAT RATH | Mar 11, 2012 He has a greater power of the mind.Being intelligent the warrior thinks to be in posession of everything.By this not only he develops his own powers of the mind but helps others to develop such powers.Being in possession of everything and being he sees his life becomong glorified and vibrant.With a great morale and motivation he achieves all success.

The White Valley

By: SUBRAT RATH | Mar 8, 2012 The warrior feels a white valley in his mental kingdom.Moving on the valley he broadens his horizon.The valley extends from east to west filling his mind with courage and confidence.He works with a greater zeal and invigorating freshness.The valley gives him the messages of hope,courage and cheerfulness.Enjoying the beauty of the valley amidst intense activity he remains happy and contented.Fulfilling his hopes and dreams he envisions a life filled with all success.

Angela Gheoghiu’s Fall

By: Gianni Truvianni | Nov 8, 2011 Poetic phrases connected to Angela Gheorghiu and the coolness of fall along with its colors to blend with the beauty of her lovely hair and eyes.
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