Quotes Related to Past & Love Me for Who I am

By: Mariya Jones | Oct 19, 2011 Wiz Khalifa courses are well-known quotes. Today, contributions and Rap Taylor. Wiz Khalifa is an entertainer and rapper future mix tape and hip hop.

The Tiger And The Lion

By: SUBRAT RATH | Oct 1, 2011 The traveler during the course of his journey was hearing the roars of the lions and the tigers.These roars were creating an astounding courage in his mind.His mind was being filled with courage and confidence.He was listening those roars with rapt attention and was getting tremendous inspiration.He was being strongly motivated.During the course of journey it is natural that we have to face the lions and tigers.Instead of being afraid we have to face them and put them in to our goal achievement.

The Vibrating Rainbows

By: SUBRAT RATH | Sep 25, 2011 Where man goes and what ever he does he finds himself bound ina strong relationship.In each of his thoughts,words and deeds he finds the same and merges in it.It vibrates his dormant nerves and motivates him a lot.Perfectly and sincerely he does all his works and successful he becomes.This smiling rainbow enhances the beauty of his life.Spending his days with all happiness and smiles he offers his gratitude to the Almighty.

The limestone crushing process for cement production line

By: Nigella Chen | Sep 23, 2011 Limestone crushing plant and the grinding machine are the excellent processing plants in the limestone mining process.

New Years Eve Washington DC Poems

By: Ann Kimberly | Sep 22, 2011 This article is a long poem that I wrote about things that happen while I am writing articles.

The Dynamo Of All Light And Powers

By: SUBRAT RATH | Sep 17, 2011 Life is like a dynamo of all light and powers.By constant practice and meticulously fullowing the principles of life we can make our life meaningful.We can discover the dynamo of our life which will show us all light and fill our body and mind with all powers to move in proper direction with courage and confidence and there by achieving all our dreams and hopes and living successfully with all love and smiles.

The Art Of Collection

By: SUBRAT RATH | Sep 5, 2011 The warrior is well aware of the art of collection.Since his childhood he has developed this art which help him a lot.Always collecting the best he remains happy and contented.Mind appears before him like a treasure house and he forgets his agonies remaining there with all cheers and smiles.His collections help him for full manifestation.Happier he becomes and fulfilling his dreams and hopes he feels himself like a sun.

And The Bird Started Loving Him

By: SUBRAT RATH | Sep 1, 2011 During the course of the journey the traveler marked a remarkable change in the bird.The bird had become extremely serene and calm.It knew that the traveler had to fulfill his dreams and hopes within a short time.So with all its strength it wanted to help him.Its songs became silent and silently those songs gave the traveler energy and strength.The traveler was motivated a lot and fulfilled all his dreams and hopes.

Poems Dedicated To The Rose

By: Gianni Truvianni | Aug 28, 2011 Two poems dedicated with afection and desire to the flower of tenderness called by no other name than a rose.

Enjoying The March

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 26, 2011 The warrior enjoys the march of the soilders in the open space.During the course of intense activities when ever he feels tired and dejected he looks to the march of the soilders.The soilders perfectly move as if directed by a supreme power.If any soilder goes wrong the warrior looks at him and directs him to move properly.Thus the march becomes very beautiful and enjoyable and the warrior spends his days smoothly.
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