The Color Of Life

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 23, 2011 The traveler after a long journey was trying to visualize the color of life.He was thinking of a color which he should give to his life.After intense thinking and exploring he found that life is colorless.It is not visible.It only takes the color of our thoughts,words and deeds.In order to give a color to his life the traveler was trying to be conscious.Life is absolute bliss.We by our thought processes allow it to unnecessarily grieve.The traveler came closer to his life.

The Universe Is Calling

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 22, 2011 Where ever he goes and what ever he does he hears the call of the universe.The universe whispers and he works with much endeavor.The universe never wants us to fall a prey to worldly miseries.It wants to drag our mind with its current so as to see its treasure and forget our miseries,sorrows,despairs and griefs and hold the success trigger.It always wants to give all its secrets to us.The warrior being intelligent always listens to its call.

Childless Mother And Other Poems By Gianni Truvianni

By: Gianni Truvianni | Aug 20, 2011 A series of three poems dedicated to many subjects and themes of the season.

The Love Person In Action

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 17, 2011 Mind is personified love.The traveler personified his mind in to love.He saw his mind to be a white luminous man radiating love all around the globe.He was totally merged with that light and felt divine ecstacy.Moment to moment he experienced transformations.He could mantain good relationships with all and was able to carry out all works sincerely,carefully and perfectly with courage and confidence and there by fulfilling all his dreams and hopes.

A New Years Eve Dance Washington DC Quote

By: Kelsey | Aug 14, 2011 This is my take on Scott Adams's quote. My modern quote suggests what Voltaire already knew-- "Common sense is not so common".

Two Flowers Of Life

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 10, 2011 In every body's life there are two flowers.One flower is incessantly active,but the other flower is serene and calm.The one which is incessantly active takes the fragrance of the serene flower and there by beautifies all the activities.The serene and the still flower acts as a friend,philosopher and guide for the active flower.The active flower always rests upon the serene and still flower and thus derives all strength and power and makes the life beautiful.

The Electrical Mnd

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 6, 2011 We have to be electrical in all our thoughts,words and deeds.There should be a greater degree of mental electricity within ourselves.We should feel the universal current within and being electrified in body and mind we should advance with endeavor and zeal.Being electrical there will be positive vibrations within us all the time and we can work more with out fatigue.We can achieve anything and everything.

The Flame Of The Candle

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 5, 2011 Mary lighted the candle in front of the Lord and sat looking to the flame.The candle gives her a lot of hopes and fills her mind with courage and confidence.That day she was bit dejected and hoped that the Lord will answer her anxieties and frustrations.She has a total faith on the Lord.

The Beautiful Dancer

By: SUBRAT RATH | Aug 4, 2011 Sitting by the river side under the open sky the warrior was marking his dancer.It was dancing like a beautiful dancer.It was dancing in perfect tune.It was also singing beautiful songs which was enchanting the warrior.Since childhood the warrior is well familliar with this dancer.It is more beautiful than any dancer in the world.While enjoying the dancing the warrior was merged with the beauty of the nature.The dancer was giving him a lot of satisfaction filling his mind with joy and bliss.

Becoming Closer To Heaven

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 30, 2011 The world is like a desert.Traveling in the desert is painful.But one should travel with persistence and courage so as to fulfill his mission and find the treasure.Looking to the deep sky the traveler was feeling the presence of the heaven in the desert.Forgetting all agonies and despairs he was traveling with courage and endeavor.
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