The Beloved Guide

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 29, 2011 He has a beloved guide which protects him all the time from all dangers.He loves the guide very much.at moments of desapirs and dejection He remembers the guide and forgets all his agonies.With much difficulty he has got the guide.At night he rembers the guide and it's valuable advice.The guide keeps constant touch with him and helps him in moments of doubt,confusion and emotional tension.He loves the guide very much and in return he becomes able to work smoothly being inspired by the guide.

Time Is Staring

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 24, 2011 Where ever he goes and what ever he does he sees the beautiful face of the time.The time stares at him.It constantly looks at him and wishes him all success in all his endeavors.It wants him to use it fruitfully so that he can fulfill his hopes and dreams.Where ever he looks he sees the eyes of the time.The eyes are blue and graceful and make all his thoughts,words and deeds fruitful.

Under The Influence Of The Strongest And The Most Powerful Magnet

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 24, 2011 Where ever he is and what ever he does he feels himself to be under the influence of the strongest and the most powerful magnet.All his thoughts,words and deeds are attracted by the same.Those are modified and rectified if necessary.He feels elevated and works smoothly with a better spirit.Analyzing himself since childhood till date he finds that the magnet has played a major role in his life.Sometimes he is merged inside the magnet and forgets all his sorrows,agonies and despairs.

Carrying The Lord Over The Head

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 17, 2011 He had heard in his childhood that if Lord protects someone no one can cause any harm to him.More over in the presence of the Lord impossible becomes possible.The warrior carries the Lord always over his head.He sees the Lord as his child.He had known that by the Lord's power the river was separated into two halves and the devotee smoothly crossed the river and achieved his goal.So he takes great pleasure in carrying the Lord above his head.Working with all cheers he he only hopes sweet success.

Behind The Pain

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 17, 2011 Behind each pain the warrior sees a life.Overcoming each pain he sees the fresh manifestation of life.So he is not perturbed by pain.Overcoming all pains he strives towards success.Pain teaches him to be more courageous,dynamic and confident in life.Pain is inevitable in life.Bearing the pain,putting effort and overcoming it we can find a pleasurable life.

He Always Reads A Book

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jul 3, 2011 Whomsoever he meets,where ever he is and whatever he does he feels like reading a book.In all transactions like listening,looking and talking he feels that he is always reading a book.He finds the book to be costlier than any other book in the world and also the book is never ending.He reads the book with sincerity and dedication. Therefore he beautifies his life and enjoys it's fragrance.He never tires at any moment as he reads the book always.

The Brain Melted In to A River

By: SUBRAT RATH | Jun 26, 2011 The warrior could not see the agonies of self,family,relatives and friends.Sitting by the river side in a full moon day he remembered his childhood and youth.He has seen the pain which his parents have undergone and now also he is seeing his own pain and that of his family members and others. He was striving to live with all his dreams and hopes there by removing not only his agonies but also that of others.
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