All about literary agents in UK

By: Ryan Harris | Apr 15, 2013 The publishing world is changing rapidly. No one knows what the book publishing and book selling landscape will look like if Borders Books were to disappear or if they will be closing only a few of their stores.

Why Choose a Publisher over Self-Publishing?

By: Leadstart Publishing | Mar 15, 2013 Getting a book published can be challenging, especially when you are an aspiring writer. The safest way out is to get in touch with a reputed publishing house who will take care of everything from editing, to designing and distribution of the book. The article points out the advantages of partnering with a professional publisher.

How to Create a Self-Published Book that Sells

By: Jeff Davis | Feb 20, 2013 There’s no doubt about it—the future will be self-published! Savvy writers are taking their careers by the reins and soaring to new heights of success. But how can you make your own work stand out in a crowded market? The key is a skilled book developer.

What kind of editing or proofreading do you require?

By: Ruth Lunn | Dec 20, 2012 There are a number of different editing options available in preparing your book for publication, from a light touch to a full in-depth edit, and your choice may depend on your budget.

Why you need a good cover to sell your book

By: Ruth Lunn | Nov 26, 2012 Books are judged by their covers, so it's important to have a cover professionally designed if you are thinking of going down the self-publishing route.

Why it’s worth investing in book proofreading

By: Ruth Lunn | Oct 18, 2012 All good writers use the services of proofreaders and editors - having your book proofread is an essential part of the publishing process that will help to make your book more professional.

Job opportunities for Website Content writer

By: alina | Sep 13, 2012 Job opportunities is the most important issues especially from a content writers point of view. This is because he need to understand how to dip his toe in this sector and get started. It is tough to crack this nut in the content writing field as there are many content writers on the lookout for work.

Online and interactive forms and questionnaires

By: Andrew Boag | May 31, 2012 Traditional printed forms are expensive to produce, costly to process, and can easily frustrate the people who have to fill them in. This article covers some of the key issues and opportunities in designing and developing online forms.

Writing Book Reviews- The Book Review India

By: Alliance Web | May 15, 2012 Welcome to The Book Review Literary Trust Website! This non-profit trust is one of the leading Book Reviews Sites engaged in providing Writing Book Reviews and Authors Book Reviews to the visitors.

New Book Reviews,Book Reviews,Book Reviews India,Indian Book Reviews

By: India Internets | May 15, 2012 The Book Review India is a Delhi based organization set up in October 1989 to disseminate information about advances in knowledge and books, is a ideologically non-partisan organization, non-political, and seeks to reflect all shades of intellectual opinions and ideas.
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