Tips for Teach Vocabulary

By: Joseph Paul | May 8, 2012 Teaching vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges to the English teachers. They need to understand the children nature and teach them accordingly. At the same time, all the children in the class are not same.

The Challenges and Difficulties of Becoming an Author

By: Racks Jackson | Apr 26, 2012 It is easy to become a writer if one wishes to write about a particular topic like those of sciences, sociology, history etc. as any work in a particular category is always more likely to attract attention than a general work of literature. Given the fact that people are able to devote lesser time to reading these days owing to the hectic schedules and the options of passive entertainment availabl

Earthquake VS Tsunami

By: vasu | Apr 25, 2012 • A sudden and violent shaking of the ground, (sometimes causing great destruction,) as a result of movements within the earth's crust. • Tsunamis are large powerful water waves caused by sudden displacement of large volume of water in the sea / ocean. Tsunami is the Japanese word for harbor wave.

Printed Words Growing And Blossoming

By: Wendy | Apr 24, 2012 If writing and publishing are the important part of your life and career, this article on the history of printing would be very interesting for you. Check it out right now.

English Books Review,Journal of Book Reviews,Book Review Journals

By: Alliance Web | Apr 8, 2012 The Book Review Literary Trust, set up in October 1989 to disseminate information about advances in knowledge and books, is a non-political, ideologically non-partisan organization, and seeks to reflect all shades of intellectual opinions and ideas.

Sub-Editing - Which Facts Should You Check?

By: Dominic Wint | Mar 19, 2012 Checking the facts of someone else's work is a vital part of a sub-editor's job. Here is just an idea of the thought processes involved in ensuring what hits the public domain is as accurate as possible.

How To Write Successful a CV by Email ?

By: Hendra Java | Mar 13, 2012 This time I will discuss briefly how do I submit a CV to the company you go through an email accompanied by a cover letter. However, unlike the practice for many applied by the candidates in over the world where cover letter is attached as a separate attachment (with CV), I'll show you how to write a cover letter as the content of the email.

Writers and their quirks: an improbably logical alliance

By: Bonnie Kozek | Mar 8, 2012 Writing is rarely easy, mostly hard. The transformation from ethereal gray matter to tangible black and white compels an embrace of fearlessness, resolution and perseverance. At some point along the way, this challenging profession demands from the writer the construction of a conducive environment, a writer's room, built with what some may call a peculiarly sized nuts and bolts. Yes, writers have quirks. The list of eccentricities is long; it can provoke the curious to ask the question, "Why?"

Having written your first book

By: peter carroll | Mar 7, 2012 The trials and tribulation in getting work published You've written your first book, you want to get it published then you can write more - and more and maybe at last, be recognised as a true published author.


By: Lead Start | Mar 1, 2012 Children’s book publishers prefer works that can sell internationally, too. The internet is a great resource; not only can you find suitable publishers and study their submission guidelines, but you can also get tips to improve your work on the web. In fact you will also find various NGO and writers’ support groups that serve as a global network for the exchange of knowledge between writers, p
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