The Way Technology Has Interpret To Indulge Mankind

By: Ahmed Kamal | Mar 12, 2013 The main cause of advancement of technology in our life is that it has intruded in every sector or field of our lives. We are living in the 21st century and today nothing is done without the help of technology. It has infiltrated almost every domain of our society and every man has been dependant of it due to its approach, convenience and general availability.

What Makes The Best Satire Writing?

By: Dean Walsh | Sep 24, 2011 In this article an experienced editor and publisher explains his view of what makes good satire writing for articles, short stories and other formats.

Give It A Second Try With Sorry Letters

By: Elle Campburn | Sep 15, 2011 Hurting someone dear to use is truly inevitable. Everyday, we get to encounter various individuals with different personalities. Because of our differences, we get to clash often times. In these cases, what you need is to humble yourself and admit that you have someone pain and disappointment. If you wish to communicate your thoughts and emotions, you can write sorry letters. Bear in mind that wha

How to Fluff a Jewish Dating Washington DC Article

By: Kelsey | Jun 14, 2011 This is a fluffed up article about how to fluff up an article; even the summary is fluffed up with a little bit of useless nonsense for you.

Satire And Online Art

By: Dean Walsh | Apr 14, 2011 An article about the role of satire in online art and humor. Including a discussion of internet memes

Land Rover Tire Cover

By: Aldo Howell | Apr 7, 2011 Examine out the lots of choices obtainable at your outlets or on the internet internet websites that have auto materials. Many men and women also opt for to go the customized route and get a personali...

How To Write Popular Satire

By: Dean Walsh | Nov 20, 2010 A writers guide to satire. Looks at how to write in this style and what makes a popular piece.

The Mahayana

By: Sushovan Chaudhuri | Jul 22, 2009 And, if I don’t mention of none other than Sri Krishna in my viscera report of Mahayana (Mahabharata + Ramayana), it would be a condemnable offense, I admit. Honestly he was the man who held the key and boldly showed the (marketing) word how to steal the limelight from taking off as a saree seller to Draupadi to completing the cycle as a motivational guru to Arjun by selling the Bhagavad Geeta to all...

Dark Matter and bureaucracy

By: George Fripley | Mar 25, 2009 Dr Paul de Odderwan and Grant Spender shed some light on a new form of dark matter and how it impacts on the everyday running of countries. They find that it does indeed have a relationship wih with gravity and during their research identified a new type of particle - the positively energised moron.


By: Beezard | Jan 20, 2009 By nationalizing and subsidizing every aspect of the market place they can get their hands on, our government is, in effect, trying to become the new Big Business. That’s all well and good, but it fails to adequately deal with actual cause of all of our financial woes: The American Consumer. People aren’t buying anything. That hurts the economy. Maybe it’s time for corporations to start taking the law into their own hands.
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