Self publishing

The Writer's Mind-boggling Conundrum About To Be Solved?

By: Patricia de Hemricourt | Aug 26, 2013 What can writers with no clue about marketing do in this day and era? Publishers are unlikely to take more than a passing glance at them, unless they are already famous. Kafka would not stand a chance to get published today, nor does any budding writer. So, is the book market going to be reserved only to writers who double up as brilliant marketers?

A little guide on your travel to Spain

By: Daniel Kidd | May 2, 2012 Since Spain has a wide range of famous tourist destinations, it is always advisable for visitors to have a laid out plan of places to visit to ensure that they end up in the place of their dreams.

My Trip To Israel

By: Judaica Star | Apr 10, 2012 ust wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I had this summer: My trip to Israel ! It was a childhood dream of mine to visit Israel. Maybe I’ts because I’m half Jewish (Mom) and Half Irish.

How to write a book – Some common mistakes that you can avoid

By: Racks Jackson | Mar 27, 2012 everyone seems to know how to write a book; however most of the people end up with a non-saleable manuscript which does them no good. Perhaps they commit some mistakes that cost them dearly, and make their efforts go in vain. Nevertheless, if you are one of the budding writers, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with these mistakes, and avoid them, if possible.

Red Roses To Say I Love You

By: RoseInfo | Mar 25, 2012 Roses were believed to accredit grown at initial 32 million caducity ago. cloak their handsome someday magnificent fascination besides stirring scent, valid is no miracle that they are widely grown owing to their loveliness and smell. Roses equal break through again summer, they further put on undying voracity. The stunning, nice heated petals ensconce their honey enticing scent, perfectly lead bubble and fair intrigue now all told over fired up love.

The importance of good proofreading

By: Barney Thom | Mar 19, 2012 If you have ever read a book from a really well known and respected novelist and as you were reading you encountered a really jarring printing error, that made a complete mess of a sentence or misspelled a word, you were probably really surprised because you expect the books you have paid good money for to have been thoroughly proofread and checked for any errors. Thankfully, it doesn't happen too often.

Personal Branding

By: Tom White | Mar 15, 2012 These factors are within your reach. To be precise, it is the packaging done by you on yourself. Just like the proverb, ‘the person came, won and returned’, where ‘won’ refers to his personal branding that helped him to win the people.

Information about EKG

By: Tamesha Muney | Feb 20, 2012 EKG's are used to determine the functionality of the heart. After test data is received it is interpreted by a doctor and then placed in the patients file for comparison with future tests.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2012

By: Patrika News | Jan 30, 2012 The Jaipur Literature Festival is an annual event which celebrates excellence in literature not only from Rajasthan or India but from around the world. This is Asia-Pacific’s biggest literature extravaganza which attracts great names of literature circles from around the globe. It also provides a platform for author-reader interaction.

Mona Lisa’s Smile Is like Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle

By: annphilip | Jan 28, 2012 History tells us that Leonardo completed his much beloved painting in 1503, after working on it for nearly four years. May be the pains behind the painting made it his most favorite one, among his three great portraits of women.
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