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College or the tertiary education is very important for a student. This is the last phase of the educational cycle that will give the student the abilities and skills he need for the future ahead of him. This will be the stage where he will be seeing himself as a working professional with the course appropriate with his personality and capabilities.

There many institutions that offer a service that will fully satisfy your need as a person. Like for instance, with the presence of so much beauty parlor and salon, there are few of those that will tie up with your taste and eventually will satisfy you.

This analogy can also be applied to education, there are a lot (when I say a lot, I mean countless) of institutions that offer education as their product, however, few of these institutions can give you a satisfying quality education. This might be a sad realization but we have to face the fact that education industry of the country might really need a back up or a solution from those in the authority.

Most of the public schools are really in the midst of crisis. They lack of so many things including books, room ventilation, teachers and many other school material and equipment. Classrooms and proper funding from the government are also at the high level of risk. These problems constitute to the declining quality of education in the country.

That’s why many of the students now prefer the education that they are getting from those in the private sector. They think highly of these institutions because they know that they will be attended properly and they will be getting the right education for their future.

That’s why choosing the right institution for the tertiary education is also an important decision to make. As a parent, you cannot just disregard this importance, you yourself should be involve in your child decision making, not of course to the point of meddling too much. 

There are many schools out there that offers tertiary education but as I said, few of these institutions provide the quality education that we are looking for.

Cosmotec College, owned by Patrick Azanza, a doctor, is one of the leading specialized schools in the country caters not only courses in communication but also in business and managerial. The school provides quality education; this can be seen on their approved or accredited course both from CHED and TESDA.

Since the school owns a BPO industry, most of the students experience the profession first hand even at the early phase of their education. Cosmotec Contact Center, as they called it, is another milestone that spexializes in voice and non-voice services and has establish itself as a reliable total solutions partner of various international client with outbound and inbound campaigns here and around the globe.

Aside from this, the instructor and other people involve in the operation are trained properly before entering into the employment period. Teachers of Cosmotec, especially, gained their knowledge from prestigious and credible school in the country. They are equipped by all the abilities and capabilities that a teacher should have in the first place.

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The Comotec contact center’s way

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The Comotec contact center’s way

This article was published on 2011/09/24