The Main Role Of Public Education

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There are various types of education such as professional education, vocational education, adult education, technical education, industrial education and public education. Every type of education has its own importance as well as significance. Here we will discuss the role of public education in society.

Public education all over the world holds great importance as well as significance. If we want to define public education then it is defined as the education that is given to the public. Be getting public education, public learn how to read and write. Public also learn how to work or perform in various professions or fields. First of all, public of any country should be able to read or write.

Most of the people in many countries especially in Pakistan would not be able to read and write. So it is very important and necessary to promote the concept of public education. Those people who are already well educated they can also teach public education to the public.

If every educated person teaches at least one illiterate person then every country has considerable quantity of literate people. The main and important sources for getting public education are radio, television and films. Through these sources, public can get public education. By getting public education, every person would be able to communicate in an effective way.

In case of discussing the role of public education we can say that public education has many benefits or advantages. By getting public education, people can read newspapers and books and writes letters. Public can write and read whenever they like. Public can learn new facts and can readily become good citizen.

Moreover, by getting public education person can perform his/her role in every field of life. On the whole after discussing the role of public education it is easy to conclude that every country should promote the public education on the large scale. Effective programmes of public education should be initiated by the government as well as private agencies.

For the progress of public education, funds should be arranged on national as well as international level after wise planning. In the final conclusion we can say that every country should promote public education on the modern lines. Every country should adopt various measures in order to promote the concept of public education and should knows the importance of public education and its role in the society. 

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The Main Role Of Public Education

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This article was published on 2012/02/03