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What do a UFC fanatic, renowned motivational speaker, high end shoe designers, dozens of best-selling authors, internet marketing geniuses and other successful millionaire entrepreneurs have in common?

It may shock you to discover that these very different individuals that are marketing very different products, services, etc... Have a TON of personality traits in common.

I recently discovered this wonderful program called The Millionaire Accelerator Program, or the MAP. It is a step-by-step system to achieve your dream and become a successful entrepreneur. It provides interviews of 35 wildly successful millionaire entrepreneurs for the Young Entrepreneur Society Movie. It also includes Business Tools, audio recordings, E-books that you can use or market yourself and will help you get started.

One of the secrets that all of those interviewed has stressed out is…EDUCATION. Never stop investing in your own education.

Many of the millionaires that were interviewed did not go to college or have degrees – but what they did have was a desire for knowledge and education – even if it wasn’t always in the traditional sense!

Hmmmm, if investing in education is something that nearly every successful entrepreneur should seriously think about doing the same. Education, the desire to learn, is an essential key to success. Aside from this, let me also share one important thing I learned from the program.

People are lead to believe that the choices they make are beyond their control or sphere of influence, and that they are being compelled to behave in certain pre-determined ways. Most often, this denial of choice is used to avoid blame for negative circumstances or events, such as when people claim that the conditions of their lives are not their fault.

The consequences of this evasion of responsibility are substantial. When we deny our own power to choose our beliefs and behavior, we are then forced to look outside ourselves for the source of our own happiness. When we look outside for things to change, we open ourselves to risk, and create the conditions for victimhood and entitlement.

And when it comes to wealth, many people view wealth as the accumulation of money. "Accumulation" theory is the standard message preached by the misinformed financial media. It tells hard-working people to sacrifice enjoyable activities and products today so they can establish a "nest egg" of net worth. According to accumulation theory, this net worth should be large enough to generate interest capable of meeting "needs" during retirement, and the principal investment should never be touched, because a person could conceivably outlive their money this way.
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The Millionaire Accelerator Program

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This article was published on 2010/12/25