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  • What does our silence about the attacks on one of the most visible achievers of the American Dream say? Are we not forfeiting our children's future into the hands of bullies? Is it not time for us to speak up about the damage opportunistic journalism is doing to our culture? As Edmund Burke once penned, "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

  • The ancient Egypt in general and Pharaohs in spectacular are always mysterious to us. Antiquaries and historians today try to find out secrets around the golden age of Egyptians. Scientists have made an important achievements when discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb and treasures. Tutankhamun, who died sometime around 1324 BC probably at age 19, was the boy Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. His intact tomb was discovered in Egypt's Valley of Kings.

  • Top beautiful snakes on Earth
    Eric Giguere2010/10/05 17:00:50 pm| 14470 views|0

    People often feel threatened when seeing a snake because in their mind, snake is one of the most dangerous animals and can kill hundreds of people every year, even they consider it as the ugly species. However, there are many beautiful and colorful snakes appearing around our life.

  • Here are Top 5 ideal destinations for people who want to study abroad:

  • Travel around World of Crocodiles
    Eric Giguere2010/12/07 14:13:16 pm| 9928 views|1

    Ugly, endangered and brutal may be the adjectives that people often use to describe crocodiles because they kill hundreds of human beings every year. Although this species is very dangerous, few ones expect to know its habitat, food or characteristics. The articles will provide you some major information about saltwater crocodiles, American crocodiles and Nile crocodiles.

  • Most Dangerous Nature Killers Worldwide
    Eric Giguere2010/12/10 16:21:52 pm| 8978 views|0

    Flowers often bring natural beauty and joy into daily lives for millions of people around the world. You may not imagine that some kinds of flower are very dangerous due to the poisons containing in them and can cause deaths for both people and animals. Knowing which harmful flowers to avoid can help protect your family members and pets from.

  • Canadian Tire is a very reliable brand that is well known across Canada. One of its branches is a fully outfitted shop that offers automotive services. In order to work at Canadian Tire’s dealers, one must attend an automotive service technician apprenticeship.

  • Kevin Richardson: Dear friend of lions
    Eric Giguere2010/10/25 16:07:42 pm| 7981 views|0

    Kevin Richardson, an animal behaviorist, works in a wildlife conservation area near Johannesburg of South Africa. He is very famous for his intimate relationship with lions, cheetahs, leopards and even unpredictable hyenas without the slightest fear of attack. Kevin started doing this job ten years ago when he reached a conclusion that lions could be treated as a friend of human-beings.

  • David Cameron, the current host of Number 10 Downing Street, had attended Eton College near Windsor, where produced 19 Prime Ministers of Great Britain, one of Northern Ireland, and also educated the prime minister of Thailand. Why have so many leaders come from this school? The answer lies in a single educational establishment, founded on the bank of the River Thames more than 500 years ago. According to Palash Dave, who went to Eton in the 1980s, students arrived there with this extraordinary sense that they were going to run the country.

  • 4 Great Racism Essay Topic Ideas
    Sam Collier2010/09/20 12:57:20 pm| 6903 views|1

    Racism has been the most controversial issue from centuries, this is why, when professors want to analyze the writing skills of a student, they ask them to write racism essay. The other reason for assigning racism essay to the students is probably to find out what they think of racism in their minds, are they against it or in favor of it. Now, if you also have been assigned to write essay on racism than keep in mind that it is a very broad topic.

  • Who will win the Fields Medal 2010?
    Eric Giguere2010/08/18 17:02:49 pm| 6850 views|0

    The Fields Medal is a mathematic prize awarded to two, three or four under-40-year-old mathematicians with excellent achievements in maths. The event takes place at International Congress of the International Mathematical Union every four years. The Fields Medal 2010 will be held on August 19th, 2010 in India.

  • If you are looking for grants for parents you should take advantage of the $10,000 in single parent grants that is available to you for a limited time. In fact the grants for single parents doesn't have to be paid back.

  • Solar flares are thunderous storms that take place in the outer layer of the sun producing a explosions of extremely powerful and hazardous radiation

  • Learn About 25 Famous People From Cuba;
    sean sandvik2010/09/09 06:46:17 am| 6492 views|0

    From a small island nation in the gulf of Mexico there came many well known, influential people who have overcome harsh upbringings. Learn a little about the history of Cuba now! Enjoy.

  • Before I went to the National Publicity Summit, I was getting mostly local publicity in my hometown. I was getting some radio exposure and even had a few markets that were running my newspaper column. I was working with a radio booking firm that hooked me up with Radio-TV Interview Report. I advertised in that, and then I started getting the emails and direct mail about the National Publicity Summit. Of course I was very intrigued and thought, "Gosh, this sounds great," but of course, like most people, I was skeptical. How could there really be all of these great contacts in one room?

  • How To Choose The Best Persuasive Speech Topic
    Melda2010/10/25 14:51:09 pm| 5395 views|0

    The main purpose of a persuasive speech is to deliver information about a particular topic to an audience in an appealing way that will convince them to adopt your point of view. A persuasive speech tries to persuade the reader to adopt the point of view advanced by the persuasive speech writer.

  • Most famous and best-selling books ever
    John Walk2010/08/31 15:44:27 pm| 4986 views|0

    For centuries, books have become an integral part in every one’s life. As man’s best friends, books provide us a great deal of valuable knowledge and teach us lots of things. It can be said that reading a novel is more interesting than watching a novel-based film because we have chances to improve our own imagination. Nowadays, although online books are popular, they may hardly replace books on the shelf. With a variety of book kinds, readers are brought to different and wonderful world of knowledge.

  • Six Animals With Best Sense of Smell
    Eric Giguere2011/02/21 11:15:30 am| 4851 views|1

    Animals have different ways to use their noses in detailed purposes. Some animals depend on noses to catch prey and others consider noses as one useful way to fight for territory. However, there are several animal species that their noses become the most prominent and attention-grabbling body parts with the best sense of smell.

  • Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning
    Marlon Jackson2011/01/02 10:47:04 am| 4993 views|1

    Among all the things going green, cleaning is definitely one of the best for you and the environment. You don't even have to sacrifice a thorough clean just because you're cleaning with gentler products.

  • Have you ever thought about the life of animal species before dinosaur era? You will have the right answer for this matter when reading “Walking with Monsters”. It provides specialist knowledge of more than 600 scientists to help us discover wonderful and frequently terrifying creatures that came before the Age of Dinosaurs. The book not only features some 112 animals and covers four billion years of life on Earth but also uses the unique high-resolution images made possible by the television series to bring these creatures to life. Let see these interesting images.