Teaching Pedestrian Crossings to New Drivers

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 Many cities have a main centre and many smaller surrounding urban areas. These densely packed towns give rise to a lot of pedestrian activity and so this is where crossings are mainly situated. Driving instructors need to ensure that learners have enough knowledge and practice to deal with pedestrian crossings safely.

Teaching Crossroads During Driving Lessons

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 The topic that has the most information attached to it has got to be crossroads. Major crossroads can be highly complex junctions with traffic moving in all directions. Direction signs and lane markings can be difficult to follow. Here we look at what driver trainers need to teach clients to prepare them adequately to deal with crossroads.

Driving Instruction Check Test Criteria – Risk Management

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 The test of continued fitness to instruct is changing for driving instructors in order to take a more client centred approach. This replaces a system which placed importance on fault finding and demands more direct pupil involvement. Risk management is a main topic in the new version of the test so let's take a look at this.

Driver Training Check Test – Teaching Strategies

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 Client centred approaches to training are the new standard in driving instruction. Instructors need to become aware of the new criteria regarding the test of continued fitness to instruct and put this into practice during everyday lessons. Teaching and learning strategies are one of the main areas of change so let's have a look at this.

Dealing Safely With Cyclists When Teaching Driving

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 There is currently an antagonistic attitude between car drivers and cyclists. An attitude of tolerance and consideration must be taught by driver trainers to rectify this situation . A cyclist has no real protection around them and are greatly exposed to injury should an accident occur. Their movement on the road can also be very unpredictable. Consideration must be shown to cyclists who share th

Teaching For the Taxi Driving Occupational Test

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 Driver trainers are occasionally approached by prospective taxi drivers in relation to the occupational driving test. The requirements of the test are often not full understood by driver trainers. This is a guide outlining the main requirements of the occupational test for taxi drivers.

Driver Training for Economy and the Environment

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 It is wise to adopt an economical driving style to both save money on fuel costs and help protect the environment. This method of driving has become a major issue for driving instructors and is classed as an item for marking on the driving test. Let's see what can be taught to drivers at both a learner and advanced level.

Driving Safely Through Flooded Roads

By: Russell Chaplin | Jan 7, 2013 With ever changing weather patterns more roads are now prone to flooding. There are certain skills needed when driving through water in order to avoid vehicle breakdown. Let's take a look at what driving instructors can teach students to enable them to deal with this problem.

Guidelines For Passing Your Driving Test

By: Jason Itumay Rosas | Nov 28, 2012 Close your eyes and focus on your breathing (take note that you just have to exhale slower than you inhale). See yourself doing everything just the correct way, and a more focused on your driving skills and comprehension. Doing this will surely give you some good driving flavours.

Dealing with Nerves on the Driving Test

By: Russell Chaplin | Nov 13, 2012 Driving test day is drawing near. You have taken a course of driving lessons in Nottingham and your day at the test centre is booked. During your course you find your driving standards are as nerves take their toll. This article contains advice on how to overcome nerves and improve your chances of driving test success.
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